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Aura Tech Solution maintain the quality and stature in the market, the company does not just have to be better than the rest rather unique in what values We provide.



• Adherence to clients’ requirements
• Highly efficient workflow
• Superior production methods
• Strict quality control
• All activity and processes arethoroughly documented

Our Services

The quality of your work, in the long run, is the deciding factor on how much your services are valued by the world.

Project Management

Managing the entire project cycle right from project acquisition to project closure stage.
Coordinating with onshore and offshore clients.
Scheduling and managing the production as per theagreed schedules.
Solving queries with the clients.
Tracking reports.
Strengthened with expertise inproject management techniques.

Localization Services

AURA handles the entire localization cycle of a project which includes services such as:
Text Extraction (or) OCR
Template Creation for new layout
End to End multilingual DTP
Target Check Fix
Language Adaptation
Evaluating and setting up the documentation project
Generation of all text materials in multiple languages (Manuals, Catalogue, Instruction Guide, Medical Documentation, etc.)
Fixing the layout of translated material
Desktop publishing and Language Sign-off (LSO)
Editing graphics
Converting or generating output of translated material in multiple formats
Performing quality checks on finalized translated material


state-of-the-art infrastructure is highly systemized with high-speed internet connections, access control systems,data security and back-up systems
Knowledge-centric publishing house
Separate creative department for artwork, template designs and animation
In-house instances for most of the publishing software.
Software unit supported by in-house Data Conversion team
Dedicated FTP servers for clients Gateway Level Antivirus
Machine Level Antivirus
Tape & Disk Backup
Seasoned leadership and highly skilled English speaking technical workforce

Publishing Services

Pagination is the process of assembling text and graphics into pleasing page layouts for print production
Pagination is done using industry-specific software like 3B2, InDesign, QuarkXPress, and Frame Maker
Final output is generated in the form of PDF
Our team has expertise in the above software irrespective of PC and MAC version.

Conversion of art works in different electronic forms into preferred formats using Photoshop, Illustrator, Coral Draw, etc.
Re-drawing, re-labeling and scanning
Conversion of processed art work into tiff, eps, jpegs, etc., and then used in page composition.

AURA excels in conversions of e-Book from hard copy source materials - PDF (editable/uneditable), images, and photographs to any format including Word, PDF, HTML, XML Indesign, Framemaker, Quark, RTF, and others. By utilizing state-of-the-art in-house-developed conversion software and manually enhanced techniques which are gained over years of experience and provide you the necessary versions for every e-Reader including popular e-Readers, such as Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, ipad/ibooks, Smartphones, iphone/Blackberry/Android, Digital talking books, etc.


AURA brings on a large number of experts in Digitization solutions.
Digitization of the newsprint, microfilm or microfiche.
Providing Archiving Management Solutions.
Protect your archives from natural wear and tear and hazards by having an effective backup strategy indigital format.
Make your internal research highly effective.
Customized Search interface for digitized contents.

Data Conversion

Scanning and extracting contents through OCR.
Data entry from handwritten manuscripts, legacy material, resumes, etc.
Bi- or Tri-compare validation programs or OCR+Key verification program is employed.
Quality standards of 99.995%

Data Security

Physical Security
24x7 personal security
Electronic Security
Restricted internet access
User restrictions in all the servers
Thin client model (work is done on central servers only)
CD / Floppy drives are restricted
Administrative Security
System access control
Hidden cameras

Software Development

Customized solutions and services that add value to your business and enhance your web presence.

HR Services

We are helping provide HR solutions to companies, thus allowing them to focus on the key business areas for increased sales and traffic.

Web & Mobile App Development

Engage worldwide methodologies with web enabled technology via process centric outside the box thinking.

Bpo & Kpo Services

We provide accurate, secure and timely outsourcing data entry solutions. With 24/7 service, we transform your data into the format you need, when you need it.

Digital Marketing Service

Digital Marketing has become the essential demand of a business to optimize future campaigns and improve ROI.

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We deliver quality services with our in-depth knowledge and commitment, come become a part of our team to experience the better business environment.

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Many years of work in this field is an excellent indicator that companies trust us and in response, we offer unique solutions.

Professional Team

An excellent team of professionals will help you to bring all your ideas to life in the best possible way and with flexible functionality.

Personal solutions

Individual approach to your project. flexible solutions for your tasks to achieve your goals on the path to success.

Key Features

• Highly reliable network infrastructure with multiple redundancies
• Continuous operations
• Emergency response teams, trained on recovery procedures
• Multiple facilities well-connected with high bandwidth links
• Robust backup practice for critical data
• Power redundancy through generator sets and high-performance UPS systems
• State-of-the-art building management and security systems

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